The Consequences of Tooth Decay

According to the World Health Organization:

Nearly 100% of adults have had the painful experience of tooth decay. In Hong Kong, tooth decay among children is a serious problem, with 40% of kindergarteners and over 50% of 5-year-olds currently with decay.

Tooth decay can lead to black spots, tooth aches, and ultimately, tooth loss due to rotting.
Further, tooth decay has been linked to delays in children’s physical development and other systemic diseases.

Identifying your risk level is the first step towards personalized prevention. Knowing the current state of your dental health allows you to take action to avoid the pain and expense of this common, yet highly preventable disease.

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INDICAIDTM Test Kit for Risk of Tooth Decay

Applying an innovative diagnostic technology, INDICAIDTM is the first personal use product on the market to quickly assess the risk of tooth decay

Identifies your risk of tooth decay

Easy to use, fast to perform

Suitable for all ages, great for the family

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Companion Mobile APP

Designed to work alongside INDICAIDTM to help manage your and your family’s daily oral health

APP features allow for digital read-outs to record test results and track risk over time.
Individual dental health profiles can be set up for the entire family to monitor progress and earn rewards!

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